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Rise up for Veterans

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The mission of the Rise Up Veteran Program is to enhance the quality of life for our service men and women and their families by bringing horses and people together through a comprehensive equine assisted therapy program. HorsePlay Therapy Center, a nonprofit organization, assists veterans and wounded warriors through equine assisted l earning and therapy at our beautiful, serene ranch i n St. Augustine, FL. Equine Therapy can be the difference between l ife and death for a veteran. Our Rise Up Veterans Program helps wounded Veterans, those suffering from PTSD, and their families heal from the physical and emotional wounds of war. HorsePlay Therapy Center offers comprehensive clinical support services and equine-assisted therapies for veterans. Both riding and non-mounted activities help rebuild the trust and connection vital to physically and emotionally wounded veterans and their l oved ones. All activities are conducted by certified instructors, mental health professionals, and trained volunteers.

The Healing Power of Horses

With so many forms of therapy available to veterans facing physical and emotional challenges, you might ask, “Why horses?” The answer is simple: horses are uniquely suited to help build physical and emotional strength. The multi-dimensional movement of the horse re-creates the human gait more effectively than any other means of physical therapy. Horses are also dynamic, sensitive animals that communicate through the subtle use of body language. They respond to emotional situations giving immediate, honest feedback without judgement but with unconditional acceptance. Equine-assisted therapy allows a safe place to feel and address emotions through the human-animal bond. The military recognizes Equine Assisted Learning (EAL) as a good choice for veterans, noting its benefits as physical, emotional, family, relationships, social, spiritual, and career (U.S. Army 2014). Our program rescues, adopts, rehabilitates, and trains horses for use in our Rise Up equine therapy program. These horses are uniquely suited to this noble cause.

Rise Up for Veterans Provides the following support:

● Wounded Warriors


● TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury)

● Sexual Assault

● Hazing Trauma

● Reintegration

● Caregivers & Family

We look forward to giving back to our service men and women as HorsePlay Therapy Center launches the Rise Up Veterans Program in 2021.

“"I have a real bond with this horse. I can come in here and talk to them about anything. They pick up on what you feel. Equine therapy saved my life."
- Lavon, U.S. Army Veteran
“There's something about when you get with a horse. You bond with that horse. And they know what you're feeling because they feel it, too. They're feeling what you're going through, and when they feel comfortable, they come to you. They'll just come to you.”
- Nicole, U.S. Navy

Coming Veteran's Day 2021!

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Serving All Those Who Serve