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October is Physical Therapy Month!

We have four outstanding women on our PT team here at HorsePlay Therapy Center

Vicky – Physical Therapist

Kayla – Physical Therapy Assistant

Amanda – Physical Therapy Assistant

Meredith – Physical Therapy Assistant

“National Physical Therapy Month is an opportunity every year to take time to recognize the outstanding impact physical therapists and physical therapist assistants have on society and health care,” said APTA President Roger Herr, PT, MPA. “It’s also an opportunity to amplify awareness of the profession in our communities.”

Let’s name a few amazing things a physical therapist can do!

  • Improve pediatric gross motor development
  • Improve mobility and function
  • Provide manual interventions to reduce pain 
  • Improve mobility and longevity of joint health 
  • Improve balance and coordination
  • Help manage pain
  • Avoid and appropriately recover from surgery
  • Increase strength for functional and performance tasks
  • Reduce the use of prescription drugs 
  • Recover from injury
  • Prevent future injury

Physical Therapy can lead to increased confidence, independence and overall quality of life. If you see a PT this month, tell them thank you for what they do!

Want to learn more about PT and hippotherapy? Visit this page: